Postdoc – CSIA – Santa Cruz, Californie

A post doc position for a funded NSF project is open at UC Santa Cruz for developing compound-specific AA isotope measurements (both 15N and 13C) from deep-sea proteinaceous corals to reconstruct nutrient cycling in the central Pacific.

The candidate must have a background/ interests in both organic geochemistry/compound-specific organic isotopes, as well as paleoceanography- in particular interest in reconstruction of past N cycling, or understanding N cycle shifts in open ocean gyres. Applicants having background in one area, but at least interests in the others will also be considered. First consideration will be Mar 15, butposition will remain open until filled. Contact: Matt McCarthy and Tom Guiderson

The UCSC position number is T12-35-  and can be viewed directly at UCSC website.

Full Job Add text:
The Ocean Sciences Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz, seeks a highly motivated post-doctoral fellow to conduct research in marine organic geochemistry/paleoceanography. The appointee will be expected to conduct original research as part of a NSF-funded collaborative project between Dr. Matthew McCarthy and Dr. Tom Guilderson into use of compound-specific amino acid stable isotope patterns from deep-sea proteinaceous corals, to reconstruct nutrient dynamics in sub-tropical North Pacific. This position bridges paleoceanography and organic/stable isotope geochemistry, so experience in both areas is highly desirable, however expertise in one area and interest in the other is also acceptable; i.e., experience in either 1) paleoceanography, and in particular expertise paleo N or C cycle reconstruction using deep-sea corals or other archives, or 2) organic geochemistry, in particular interest in organic N biomarkers and the N cycle in the oceanic water column. Experience with compound-specific stable isotope (GC or LC-IRMS) methods for amino acids or other molecule types would also be highly desirable, but is not required. This appointment will initially be for one year, with extension contingent on performance and availability of funding.

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