Proposition de thèse en ressources minérales et énergétiques – CREGU

The CREGU is part of the GeoRessources laboratory (Lorraine University, CNRS) a main research center for Applied Earth sciences in France with focus on mineral and energy resources. CREGU works in close collaboration with AREVA, one of the world leader for Uranium prospection companies and TOTAL for petrolem and gas (see details here).

Our Mineral Ressources team invites applications for a PhD Position (m/f) to conduct a study on the « Formation of U-ores in relation to redox front processes and sedimentary traps: the example of Mongolia uranium deposits”. The research is funded by AREVA.

participate to field work and core sampling campaign in Mongolia with objective to collect a set of most representative samples taking into account the sedimentological frame (October 2015)
Characterize the textural/genetic relationships between U-ore formation, diagenetic cements, organic matter and sulphides in continental sandstones affected by redox processes taking into account the depositional context
Characterize the U-ores and gangue minerals (mineralogy, crystal-chemistry, trace elements using LA-ICP-MS), as well as the petrography and geochemistry of organic matter (kerogen, molecular geochemistry). Organic geochemistry will constitute a significant part of the investigations.
Characterize sources of C, S (isotope geochemistry, in coll. with other laboratories)
Develop a genetic model for the formation of U-ores with evaluation of the relative role of organics, carbonates and sulphides in the redox trap for uranium.

Starting date: 15 September 2015
Fixed term: 3 years (1+2)
Working hours: full-time (currently 35 h/week)
Salary: on the basis of current PhD allocation from french Ministery for Education and Research
Please combine your application documents into a single PDF file with a size of up to maximum 3 megabytes.
Send your documents or questions to :
raymond.michels[a] +33 (0) 3 83 68 47 50
michel.cathelineau[a] +33 (0) 3 83 68 47 31).

Your Qualifications: Master’s degree (or equivalent) in geosciences, basics of mineralogy, geochemistry, sedimentology, strong interest in ore geology, in the present case in sedimentary basins, interest in cooperative research in a multidisciplinary environment in relation to a mining company

About the employer
The CREGU (UMR GeoRessources) is part of the OSU OTELO (Earth Sciences Observatory) in Nancy which gathers 4 laboratories and offers large potential of collaboration, in particular in isotope geochemistry. It is well connected with other geoscience institutions such as Geosciences Rennes.

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