Mountain master subjects @ Ecolab

EcoLab researchers are seeking master students (6 months to one year fellowship) on different topics in the framework of international research projects on mountain environmental studies:

  • Trace metals & dissolved organic matter interactions in Pyrenees peatland areas (supervision Laure Gandois & Gael Le Roux)
  • Paleo-geochemistry in sediment cores from Dhofar Mountains (Sultanate of Oman) – (supervision François De Vleeschouwer & Roman Teisserenc)
  • Paleo-geochemistry in recent peat and sediments cores from Pyrenees (supervision Gael Le Roux & François De Vleeschouwer)
  • Watershed studies & geochemical data integration at the mountain range scale

Other topics related to contaminants in mountain environments (snow, ice, waters, living organisms) are possible (contact us).
Please send CV and motivation letter to gael.leroux[a]

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