Proposition de thèse à Nancy : Deepsurf

This PhD work is part of the DEEPSURF research project which aims to improve our knowledge about fluid transfer processes (water, hydrocarbons, dissolved compounds and gases including toxic compounds) between geological compartments and the surface. This to study the impact and associated risk linked to the use of the underground and soils in the perspective of durable management for exploitation and storage (geothermal energy; CO2, H2 and compressed air storage; waste storage; new types of forestry systems; reclaiming wasteland). More details are available here.
Within DEEPSURF, the topic of the proposed PhD is to study fluid transfer modalities from the deep parts of a rift sedimentary basin to the surface by using gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons as tracers. The work will focus on two complementary themes:
1) The reconstruction of the origin and migration pathways of the hydrocarbons. This implies the study of the petroleum source rocks, the hydrocarbon formation during the thermal history, the organic geochemical characteristics of the expelled and migrated fluids.
2) The near-surface to surface expression of the hydrocarbons seeps. Hydrocarbons from near surface reservoirs as well as surface seeps will be characterized. Especially fluids and gases released from theses will be studied for their composition, geochemistry and (bio)altérations. The objective will be to understand how both situations are linked through time and space within the frame of the geological evolution of the Pechelbronn basin and the extant hydrological systems of the sub-surface.
Keywords: Hydrocarbons, organic geochemistry, geology, reservoirs, sedimentary basin
Context of work. The PhD research will take place at GeoRessources in close partnership with LIEC (Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire des Environnements Continentaux) both located in Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy. The PhD will also benefit from the broader laboratory consortium Otelo.
Starting date: September 2019 Duration: three years (1 year probation+2) Fulltime activity within Université de Lorraine Stipend (Lorraine Université d’Excellence): 1500euros/month
Desired diploma and skills:
– Master degree or equivalent in Earth sciences/Geology/Geochemistry
– Candidates must demonstrate their interest in scientific research
– Language: French is not required (foreign students will follow French teaching). English level must be high enough to understand and write professional quality scientific documents.
Application: For application, please send your detailed CV, available master 2 grades and motivation letter.
Contact: raymond.michels[a]

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