Offres de thèses et de postes à Curtin

Several PhD projects are available under Chinese Australian Scholarship program. Projects include detailed Organic-Inorganic geochemical processes associated with the recovery of the 3 largest extinction events of the past 600 million years and conventional and non conventional energy reserves. A range of other projects are available for both national (Australian residents) and international scholars. The projects are funded under a newly awarded large Australian Research Council National Competitive grant and Discovery Outstanding Research to Professor Kliti Grice. For further information please contact Kliti Grice.
WA-OIGC hosts state of the art analytical techniques, not limited to 5 compound specific isotope facilities C, H, N and S, LC-MS Orbitrap, MSSV, HyPy, flash py, GC x GC TOFMS, TD-GCMS and TD-GIRMS, gas isotopes, automated prep GC and a range of bench top GC-MS, access to Synchrotron, Itrax and other techniques, a state of the art wet laboratory in the newly built Resources and Chemistry precinct, WA-OIGC, Department of Chemistry at Curtin University in the lovely city of Perth next to the Indian Ocean. Perth is close to unique field sites in Western Australia including Devonian reefs, flora, fauna,  stromatolites at Shark Bay and core material through state Geological Surveys.

Senior research positions at Senior lecturer level through to Associate Professor can also be considered. Please send your interests to Kliti Grice.

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