3 Postdocs sur le cycle du carbone à l’échelle du paysage – Berlin

Within the joint project LandScales (Connecting processes and structures driving the Landscape carbon dynamics over Scales) funded by the Leibniz Association and focusing on Carbon relations of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems at the landscape  level, the Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) in Müncheberg and the Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fishery (IGB) in Berlin are offering: 3 PostDoc positions in aquatic-terrestrial interfaces, spanning from terrestrial biogeochemistry, over remote sensing to limnology.

Carbon (C) sequestration and release from terrestrial and freshwater aquatic ecosystems are important factors that can either counteract or increase anthropogenic green house gas emission originating from fossil fuel combustion. Terrestrial and aquatic C dynamics are intimately linked to each other due to not only the transfer of C between systems but also to temporal and spatial changes and dynamics of the aquatic-terrestrial border zones, which are likely hotspots for landscape C balance. Consequently, there is a great challenge in amalgamating assessments of terrestrial and aquatic C cycles; thus, the project LandScales will focus substantially on the advancement of whole landscape C cycling research.

1 PostDoc position focusing on the assessment of the mechanisms regulating the C balance across scales, applying isotope biogeochemistry techniques (Reference No. LS1). Priming in terrestrial and aquatic systems and their interfaces will be assessed in laboratory and field experiments. Mechanistic information will be transferred to the landscape scale by developing isoscapes. Experience in stable isotope techniques (labelling, natural abundance) is required.

1 PostDoc position focusing on the coupling C gas fluxes with their underlying drivers and processes at different scales (Reference No. LS2). The tasks will involve quantitative analysis of C gas fluxes as well as the drivers and processes regulating C sequestration/release in both aquatic and terrestrial landscape compartments. Experience in field gas flux measurements is required.

1 PostDoc position focusing on the impacts of landscape structure and heterogeneity on C fluxes across scales (Reference No. LS3). Patterns at the landscape scale of CO2 sequestration and release in terrestrial and aquatic systems will be identified using non-invasive methods, especially multi-temporal remote sensing with unmanned aerial vehicles. Experience in remote sensing and GIS is required.

We are seeking highly qualified scientists who are also highly motivated and enjoy interdisciplinary work. In addition to the specific requirements stated above, the candidates need a master of science (or an equivalent qualification) and a PhD in the following or comparable disciplines: biology, environmental sciences, limnology, aquatic biology, ecology, biogeochemistry, agricultural sciences, or geography. For the successful realisation of the project, flexibility, autonomy, communication skills, and teamwork are required.

We offer an exciting interdisciplinary project at the interface of aquatic and terrestrial biogeochemistry within a young and dynamic team without classical hierarchies. We also offer the possibility for PostDocs to establish a workgroup with either a PhD student or a technician that is also funded by LandScales. The selection processes for the PhD/technician positions will also start soon and the successful PostDoc candidates will be involved in the selection.

The positions are fixed-term and limited to 2.5 years. Salary is according to the applicable German tariff 13 TV-L for a full time position. ZALF and IGB are equal opportunity employers. Women are explicitly encouraged to apply to increase their share in science and research. Physically handicapped persons will be favoured if they are equally qualified.
For further scientific issues, please contact Dr. Katrin Premke, Dr. Peter Casper or Prof. Dr. Jürgen Augustin, Prof. Dr. Michael Sommer, and further other information Dr. Katrin Premke at the address below or go to the following website: www.landscales.de. Send your application as a single pdf with the position reference number and include your research statement, CV, description of past research accomplishments, research plan, information for 2 professional references (name, postal and email address), and up to 10 relevant publications by the 20th of April 2012 via email to Dr. Katrin Premke.

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