Postdoc position at Newcastle University

I have a position opening at Newcastle University for an organic (geo)chemist.

The project is funded by NERC and is on understanding the role of anaerobic ammonium oxidation in past environments. For this position in particular I’m looking for someone with a strong chemistry background as well as experience in method development (on GC). They will be expanding upon known biomarkers of anammox (BHT isomer/ladderanes) as well as less developed biomarkers (alkane catagenetic products) to reach back in time for anammox in the nitrogen cycle. The candidate will be involved in travelling to and interfacing with partner institutes (Strasbourg as well as Shell Netherlands, NIOZ, and Bristol). The position is complicated by the fact that I’m mostly based in the Netherlands at the moment so the person who fills this position must have the skills to work independently.

The advert is here:

Please pass it along to anyone you think might be interested. They can always contact me for any more information.

Darci Rush

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